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With great Pleasured for us, herewith  we would like to brief  of our lovely country,Land of full surprise is Sulawesi

Sulawesi is one of the tourist destination areas  in Indonesia ( Asia ) , and  consists of several provinces , Such as  South, West, Central, Southeast, North and Gorontalo provinces.

Each province has an interesting places to be  visited  such as South Sulawesi which is famous for TANA TORAJA or TORAJA LAND has a unique culture and ancient tradition, North Sulawesi which is famous for the BUNAKEN marine park, Southeast Sulawesi which is famous for the WAKATOBI marine park and Central Sulawesi which is famous for the TOGEAN marine park and many other areas as tourist destinations in Sulawesi.

On your coming to Indonesia , you can connecting your tour  such as from  BALI – SULAWESI,  JAVA - SULAWESI, and BORNEO – SULAWESI / or direct from MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE

So .. from now or in the near future, let’s to  planning  to make your vacation to visit Sulawesi  for  holiday and adventure , to see the beauty of nature, traditional customs and unique cultural charm , and we’ll serve you with friendliness and humility and ensured that our hand,  your trip in sulawesi are memorable and impressive.

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At Glance, .. We attached some photos & Video about Sulawesi Specially of Toraja Land


Video of Tana Toraja or Toraja land in South Sulawesi.
1. Video of Funeral ceremony relate with one people death 
2.  Video of Thanks giving Ceremony. 
Both of ceremonies as below ,it was not held  for tourist performances , but only Culture and tradition of Torajan South Sulawesi - Indonesia

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